"Tired Wings" arose off the streets of New York at the beginning of 2009. Its members were united by a belief that the time was right to go back to the roots of rock and roll. In June of 2009 they played their first show and followed up with a 4 song E.P, " You Snooze... You Lose" in July, and they never looked back. Their hard work paid off when their single, "Mountain Song"  was recognized by the writers of Classic Rock Online Magazine in October of that same year. They went into the studio in December to record their second E.P, "You Slow ... You Blow" which was unleashed in April of 2010.
   Refusing to rest on their laurels, they proceeded to play throughout the year in the New york & New Jersey area, performing one show a month for most of 2010. Their song
"Whiskey to Go" was featured in the landmark issue #150 of Classic Rock Magazine that year. They went into the studio during the winter & spring months to record their first full length album, " While You Were Sleeping..."  With a few shows since its August 2011 release, it is no doubt Tired Wings will continue their style of doom punk blues for years to come.


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Roll With You 96
Average Soul 22
Mountain Song 202
Road We Call Life 57
Slo Burn 80
Whiskey To Go 145
Medicine Man 16
Scorpion 142
Wolf King 44
Saint Christopher 43
Crown of Fire 125
Down for the Cause 151
Mammoth 99
Drive 62
Crossroads 75
While You Were Sleeping ... 43
Dronology 11
Shadow Cast 67
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